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City Structures provides professional engineering services to owners, architects, institutions, contractors and project/construction managers who are involved with the structural design, construction  and maintenance of a building. The services include the design of new builds, refurbishments, extensions, conversions, structural inspections.


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Structural Design

City Structures work closely for homeowners and developers who require anything from a single beam design up to a complex new property design. As qualified structural engineers with years of experience, we can ensure the designs are efficient, pragmatic and most importantly – comply with Local Building Control Authority .

Structural inspections

A structural inspection is undertaken to check the adequacy of an existing structure with respect to a current and future use. To carry out a structural inspection of an existing building our qualified engineers will look at the structural safety, strength and stability of the building under normal loads and actions. We will also appraise it from the perspective of reducing its sensitivity to disproportionate collapse under accidental loads and actions. We provide structural report to home buyers and homeowners who seek a professional opinion about potential defects in the property.


As a crucial aspect of appropriate and economic design of such projects, it is important to conduct careful inspection and appraisal of the existing building and proposed future use. 
Design should encompass measures to remedy current defects, strengthen the building as necessary for its proposed use and to encourage longevity with appropriate maintenance levels and procedures. 



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